Many people know how an A/C unit helps in their home. An A/C unit absorbs hot air while cool air is being released. However, when this happens, condensation occurs because hot and cold air are mixing. When condensation occurs, gunk will start to build up in your drain line that is attached to your A/C unit. When too much gunk is in the drain line, it will not allow water to pass through and as a result, water will overflow and cause water damage inside your unit.

When water damage occurs from your A/C unit, you will have to call an A/C company. Once you call an A/C company, they will need to blowout the drain line and a new flow switch will need to be installed. However, there are two things you can do for maintenance, so this does not occur in your home. 1) You can use vinegar in order to break-down the gunk in your drain on a monthly basis or 2) you can purchase a six-pack of pan tablets at Home Depot for around $4. However, If water damage has already occurred, you can call All Dry USA for a free inspection today!

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Ben Suiskind

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