Three A/C Practices That Will Minimize Mold Growth

1) Switch Air Conditioning Fan to Auto:


  • It will save you money on electricity because the blower won’t be constantly going.
  • It will allow the unit to run more efficiently.
  • It increases the amount of dehumidification in your home, which is the most important job a unit can do in the fight against mold.

2) Choose a good A/C System:

What makes a good A/C system that can fight against Mold?

  • You should choose an A/C unit that has a variable speed air handler and an operating selection mode for enhanced moisture removal.

Why does this help?

  • By starting air handler fan at reduced speed cycle, it makes the moisture removal process more efficient.

3) Avoid Getting an Oversized A/C Unit:

  • Bigger is not always better. Buying an oversized A/C unit depletes its efficiency of removing moisture.

Why is that?

  • Since the A/C unit is oversized, it will not reach its full capacity during the first three minutes of each operating cycle. Therefore, this will cause to unit to be less efficient in removing moisture.
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