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The Best Things to Do During Winter in New York

New York never really slows down, not even for the colder months. The city comes alive, especially for those willing to add on an extra layer. There are a few traditional activities that, local or tourist, one should not miss during winter in New York.

1. Ice Skating

Outdoor arenas are aplenty in New York, especially for skating at night out under the stars (or city lights, if you will). The Rockefeller Center Rink will charge premium prices for the chance to skate and take a photo with the golden Prometheus Statue out in front, but there are numerous other rinks that aren’t quite as flashy in cost where you can still go skate.

There are rinks that let you alongside the Hudson River, rinks with a view of the Midtown skyline, and many others that all share the same sentiment: skating in a New York City winter can’t be missed.

2. Hot Chocolate

Although coffee is normally what people think of as far as warm drinks in New York, in the colder months, it’s hot chocolate that steps up in popularity. One of the best wintertime activities is to go explore the many chocolatiers throughout the city.

You can also experience the Hot Chocolate Festival in February. A restaurant by the name of City Bakery has hosted it for the last 25 years. They create a themed hot chocolate for every day in February, meaning there are 28 concoctions to try in that month alone.

3. Chinese New Year

The Chinatown location of this parade that celebrates the Lunar New Year draws a staggering half a million people every year to eat, celebrate and shop. There is so much color that explodes at this time of the year too, with the numerous dancing dragons and festival decorations resplendent against the snowy and crisp backdrop of the city.

4. Brooklyn Flea

The Winter Flea of Brooklyn has become a tradition in shopping during the cold months, with a newer location in Industry City. Approximately sixty vendors sign up to peddle all sorts of wares from 10 in the morning to 6 in the evening only on the weekends.

This is hailed as a must-see activity because even if you aren’t there to shop, the cold winter weather can certainly inspire the craving for some warm food. The Winter Flea features a Smorgasburg event, that offers up delicious fare, street food style, from vendors all across the city.

5. Grand Central

As our pros here at All Dry USA know, New York has more than a few buildings that have survived the test of time of fire, mold or water emergencies. Many of these buildings are historical and beloved spots to visit. Grand Central Station perhaps one of the most famous, and it is beautifully decorated in the colder months for the holidays.

Visiting this city that never slows down, even for the colder months, offers a different experience that cannot be missed. Be sure to partake in some of the traditional activities that can only be truly experienced New York style.

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