Chicago Polar Vortex Jayden 2019

Super Polar Vortex Jayden Hitting Chicagoland Area Tonight

With a polar vortex coming our way, it is important that everyone is aware and prepared for what lies ahead. Still recovering from the snowfall left by winter storm Jayden, Chicago, IL is about to reach the coldest temperatures that it has experienced in decades. Daytime high’s on Wednesday are estimated to be minus 12 degrees, with real feel temperatures as low as minus 50 degrees. The freezing air is set to descend upon Chicago on Monday night and last through Friday.

In the event your property does sustain damage, shut down your water main to prevent any further damage and call All Dry USA immediately. Here is a short list of some of the potential impending causes of damage: pipe breaks, frozen pipes, ice dams, flooded basements, roof leaks, sump pump failures, falling trees etc.

Who to Call if You Need Help

At times like this, it is important to remember that All Dry USA is here to respond to any property damage situation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – just call (561) 771-1320. We have mobilized additional crews and resources to the Chicagoland area to assist in any potential necessary services. We are ready to pump out any water, extract any water, remove affected materials, dry out your property and protect any further damage from happening. From a small leak, to a roof collapse, All Dry USA is your local service provider and we are prepared to respond.

It is important to ensure your heating systems are running properly the entire time. In the event your heating system fails, and there is no heat in your home, turn off your water and open up your valves to release any water in the lines. Once heat is restored, refill your plumbing system.

This will help mitigate further damages and get your property back to normal faster.


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