How to Protect Your Business Against Mold

Any business owner who cares about their company is sure to fix damages to their property. They also exercise caution with emergencies like fires and floods. But even with all these preventative and safety measures, one health risk that may be overlooked is mold.

Mold can grow where there are warm, humid environments. It can easily grow indoors if your building materials become wet and your business is consistently warm. This can not only harm the building, it can also cause health issues in your employees!

If mold already exists in your building, you can call professionals like All Dry USA for quality mold remediation. But what do you need to know about mold and how to protect your business against it? We have the guide for you.

The Causes

Excessive moisture that is left alone for too long causes mold. If you have experienced bad storms or flooding recently, you should make sure everything has dried correctly, so no mold spores begins to grow.

Air conditioning, ventilation, and heating systems can cause mold issues as well. Always make sure these systems are running correctly and not leaking anywhere.

Any room that can become humid and moisture-rich can cultivate mold. This includes any bathroom and kitchen areas in your business. Maintaining your facilities is an important part of having a clean and healthy environment.

How Is it Dangerous?

In most cases, a small amount of mold isn’t that toxic to you and your employees. However, it is an allergen, and some people are more sensitive to its presence than others. Common symptoms of mold-related illness include eye and skin irritation, wheezing, and nose stuffiness.

People who are allergic to it may have more severe reactions. Others with compromised immune systems or a history of lung disease risk infections are also at risk. When they breathe, they can get infections if they are not careful.

Overall, the presence of mold can contribute to shortness of breath and other respiratory issues. If left untreated, it can spread. In its later stages, it is costly to remove and can even be deadly.


Now that you’re aware of the high-risk areas and potential health hazards, you can work to prevent harmful substances from growing in your workplace. We have the best ways to prevent mold from growing in your business.

1) DO NOT install carpet in areas like the bathroom or the basement. These are high-moisture areas where mold thrives.

2) Always fix leaks right away. Remove any wet materials or dry wet floors and walls so no mold grows on them.

3) Hire professionals to clean your gutters and pipes regularly.

4) Invest in proper ventilation for your entire building. Proper air circulation is key to keeping your business cleaning.

5) Add mold inhibitors to paint before repainting.

6) Use mold-killing products to clean the bathrooms.

In general, you should always remember to act fast. Mold can essentially grow wherever there is moisture present. The faster you take care of a leak or flood, the less time it takes for harmful substances to manifest.


No matter what kind of mold could be growing at your business, you should remove it. This is because the effects it can have on people varies greatly Therefore, there is no “safe” variety.

You can clean smaller amounts of mold by yourself as long as you know the right procedure. The first step is cleaning every surface thoroughly. Remove any wet objects or furniture items. Not everything can be salvaged—some mold-infested items must be thrown away in this process.

You may use bleach to clean but be careful not to mix it with any household cleaners as this can create toxic fumes. Make sure to open your windows and doors before cleaning with it as well. When you finish, keep all areas dry, with low humidity.

The US Environmental Protection Agency recommends that if an area of mold covers over 10 feet, you should call a professional. Of course, professionals are equipped to clean a home or office in any stage of damage.

In Conclusion

Keeping your office space dry and ventilated can prevent a bad infestation from taking place. You can help promote a healthier work environment and safer business practices for your employees and your customers when you keep your space consistently clean.

The most important thing when you’re exposed to a health risk like this is that you and your employees are safe. Encourage all of your workers to see a doctor to ensure they do not have health problems. Ignoring employee complaints about mold can lead to legal ramifications if it is not properly tended. Always take care of your problems immediately.


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