Denied Cash?

Do you like filing insurance claims? No, is normally the answer, but what isn’t obvious is how claims are denied. Insurance claims can be denied for a variety of reasons and some explanations have no rhyme or reason. Here is what to look out for when filing a property damage insurance claim.

What should I do?

  • Prevent additional damage
  • Secure your valuables
  • Record proof of water damage
  • Review your insurance policy
  • Create detailed inventory of damaged possessions

What not to do?

  • Throw anything away
  • Make permanent repairs before you have approval from the insurance company

The Walkthrough:

  • The insurance company has within 15 days of your written claim for inspection
  • The company will send an adjuster to inspect the damage
  • A written statement is provided after the inspection from the insurance company
  • They will deny or approve of the claim

What isn’t covered (Dependent on Policy):

    • Mold remediation isn’t covered and can happen if water damage happens
    • Temporary living accommodations
    • Cleaning cost
    • Restoration and material cost(s)

Insurance claims aren’t easy to deal with, but if approved, the funds can put your home restoration back on track. If there are any questions, or just not sure, you can always contact the professionals at All Dry USA. They can assist with how to handle insurance claims and restore your home.

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Ben Suiskind

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