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8 Need-To-Know Tips for Your First Time in NYC

When traveling somewhere new, it’s best to go prepared. Exploring is fun, but a bit of pre-planning and some research will do you well to enrich the experience, especially for a place as crazy as New York City. With that in mind, here are 8 tips you should know for your first trip to NYC.

1. Don’t bring your car

Even if you’re driving to your New York dream vacation, you don’t want your car day to day. Parking is outrageous, and traffic is packed, so you’ll get around much better using other methods. If you must bring your car to New York, try to find somewhere you can pay to park it for the trip, like the nearest airport.

2. Walking is better than cabs.

Due to the traffic and cost of a cab, which is much more than most people realize, walking is often the better choice. Don’t be afraid to hoof it to your destination – it’s free and often quicker than sitting in the back of a cab.

3. Public transport is great.

Even though walking is a great option for the casual tourist and NY native alike, it’s not your only affordable option. Public transport is a great option for traveling between boroughs or venues.

4. Hit the ATM.

A lot of small restaurants and vendors will be cash only, and cabbies prefer cash too. A lot of cab drivers will cut you a break on the tip if you’ve got a bill just over the total since it’s better for them than running a card.

5. Eat where you can’t at home.

There are tons of delicious local restaurants, so don’t waste your valuable vacation time and money at chain restaurants that you could eat at home!

6. Choose sites by distance, not popularity.

If you try to hit all the big attractions in one trip, you’ll spend more time on the bus or the train than actually enjoying the trip. Try to plan sites to see based upon where you’re staying; you’ll have more fun this way!

7. Prepare for the weather.

When it gets wet, it gets wet. Bring an umbrella. When it’s cold, it’s very, very cold. When it’s hot… You get the idea. Consider when you’re visiting and go out prepared.

If you do run into trouble with a fire, water or mold problem at one of the places you want to visit, know that our professionals here All Dry USA will have your destination up and running again in no time. Be patient, and understand that the weather can get crazy, and cause some drastic effects on infrastructure.

Bring hand sanitizer

New York can be dirty, what with all the public transport things you may need to touch to get around that pretty much everyone else in the city has touched before you. Keep clean, and hopefully, keep from getting sick!

Ben Suiskind

Chief Executive Officer at All Dry USA
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Ben Suiskind

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