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6 Top New York Restaurants You Need to Visit

From their clam chowder, Manhattan Style, to their pizza, cheesecake, baked pretzels, corned beef and pastrami, and not to mention their take on Italian ice, there are quite a few variations of food that are must-try in New York. They’ve certainly put their spin on some of the classics, and these have made it into the menus of quite a few of the top restaurants that should not be missed on your next visit.

1. Original Nathan’s Famous Frankfurters

Hot dogs are nearly synonymous with New York, just like a yellow taxi. Original Nathan’s was founded in 1915, in Brooklyn, by a German man by the name of Charles Feltman. The dogs found here are typically made either of ground beef or pork, or a mixture of the two, and seasoned with nutmeg, mustard and garlic before they are encased, go through the curing process, and then smoked and cooked.

2. Katz

A perfected Pastrami on Rye variation is found here. Katz serves pastrami that is derived from beef brisket, cured in a brine, seasoned with coriander, garlic, and a ton of black pepper, before being sliced ultra thin and piled high on their rye bread flaked with Caraway.

3. Lombardi’s

Located on Spring Street, Gennaro Lombardi first opened his pizzeria doors in 1897. New York-style pizza is known for a crunchy thin crust, a sweeter marinara sauce liberally sprinkled with oregano, and lots of mozzarella, in addition to whatever toppings you please. A slice of New York-style pizza from Lombardi’s isn’t to be missed, and you’ll see locals eating it at any time, night or day.

4. Junior’s Cheesecake

Out in Brooklyn sits a diner that was opened in 1950 and that still stands by its original cheesecake recipe of sugar, cream cheese, eggs, and cream. Junior’s is the spot to go for an iconic slice of New York style cheesecake.

5. Ross & Daughters

Locals credit the water for the New York-style bagel’s taste. Ross & Daughters is hailed as a particular favorite, especially for their sesame bagel that they pair with smoked salmon lox and lots of cream cheese.

6. L & B Spumoni Gardens

Spumoni is credited as the ancestor for the Napoleon ice cream found within most stores outside of New York today. Spumoni isn’t quite ice cream, but it isn’t wholly Italian ice either. The intriguing blend can be found at L & B, a quaint little restaurant that serves up some of the best Spumoni in NYC.

New York is absolutely famous for its cultural compilation of food that leaves visitors and locals alike craving more. At All Dry USA, we are proud to offer our water, fire, or mold damage repair and restoration services to better help restaurants throughout this thriving city so that they can continue to keep delivering the food we delight in so much.

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