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5 Ways to Clean Your Pipes This Spring

Is there anything more refreshing than a thorough spring cleaning? In addition to your regular dusting, scrubbing, and cleansing, clearing your pipes should be part of any good cleaning checklist.

If your drains are stopped up, smell bad, or causing leaks, it’s time to get them checked out and cleaned up. To get you started, here are five great ways to get your pipes flowing and clear for spring.

Call an expert

The quickest, easiest way to clean your pipes is to call an expert at All Dry USA. We’ll check the plumbing all over your house, patch leaks, and use our arsenal of specialized tools to get every pipe squeaky clean.

We have a number of pro methods at our disposal, including techniques like hydro jetting and power rodding to clear out the most stubborn blockages that have accumulated over years of sludge and grime buildup. Plus, we can detect and fix problems before they get out of control – which saves you money, time, and headaches in the long term.

If you’re afraid of the cost of hiring a plumber, don’t be! Just contact us (for free!) and we’ll be able to give you an estimate. It’s more affordable than you’d think.

Toss in some baking soda

Unlike lemon juice and coffee grounds, baking soda is a natural way of cutting through grime that actually works.

Tossing some baking soda into your garbage disposal will clean the metal disposal blades and pipes without corroding them an an acid would. It won’t clear out a winter’s worth of grease clogs, but it’ll flush out some of the sludge. Baking soda will also help freshen up the scent of your kitchen sink by absorbing the bacteria that causes bad smells.

Just don’t mix baking soda with vinegar. That fizz is appealing, but mixing the acidity of vinegar and alkalinity of baking soda actually reduces their individual effectiveness.

Ditch the chemicals; buy a snake

Commercial drain cleaners may seem like an easy solution to all your pipe-related ills, but the chemicals in most drain cleaners can actually damage pipes. They can even hurt the environment. Organic or all-natural cleaners may be less harsh, but they often aren’t powerful enough to thoroughly clear a pipe.

If you’re ready to get your hands dirty, consider picking up a drain snake (also called an auger) at your local hardware store. These can be used in sinks, toilets, tubs, and showers and will physically break up blockages better than harsh chemicals. It may take a few tries and some elbow grease, but a drain snake is a safe, effective way of cleaning small blockages.

Invest in a water softener

Even if you do your best to avoid clogging drains, sometimes blocks can still happen… because of the water itself! Yes, depending on the hardness of your water, pipes can collect residue from the minerals present in water. Harder water means more minerals, like magnesium and calcium, which can buildup and degrade pipes over time.

Hardness depends on your specific geographic location, so you can search online for information about your town’s water. If it’s high in your area, you can call a plumber to install water softeners or just install one yourself! Softeners will dissolve or break up the minerals in water and cut down on problems in the future.

Commit to preventing future clogs

Once your pipes are cleared and water is running and draining smoothly, you’ll make future spring cleanings easier by employing a little diligence throughout the year.

First of all, don’t supply your pipes with materials that can cause blocks. Don’t flush or rinse down the drain the following items:

  • Hair
  • Nail trimmings
  • Kitty litter
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Eggshells
  • Medications
  • Kitchen grease or oil (which solidify after cooling)
  • Rice or pasta (which expand in water)

You can talk to your plumber to ask about specific ways to keep your pipes clean. They can advise you about the health of your pipes, any problem areas, and spots that may be susceptible to leaks or blocks.

Remember, our team at All Dry USA is here for you! Give us a call at 866-714-9234 when you’re ready to schedule a spring check-up for your pipes.

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