The Water in Your Walls | A Customer Story

Wall Water Damage

Order Up. What does this photo look like? A busted pizza box? A piece of cardboard? That's actually a piece of drywall with water damage. Water damage in your home usually can't be seen with the naked eye. It isn't noticeable until something breaks.

Our customer had a similar experience. A shelf broke in their laundry room. When they went to take a look, they noticed water build up from the baseboard to the wall. They gave a call to All Dry USA to inspect the affected area. The test revealed this.

water test

99.9% of the wall in their laundry room was saturated with water. Let that sink in. Thier entire wall had water damage. Not only do leaks cause property damage, but also invite the possibility of mold growth. Luckily All Dry USA was able to remove the damaged area and reconstruct the wall. Needless to say, the customer was thrilled and had this to say.

"Benard, Javier, Maurice and company were AWESOME!! - Will refer anyone to All DRY USA in a heartbeat!"

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