When Your A/C Leaks | A Customer Story

Pujos Meter

Water leaks come from a variety of places (ceiling, shower pan, old plumbing), but how often do we think of our A/C? We may see condensation from the A/C vent, but do we actually know if it's a leak? For one of our customers, this was exactly the case. She had a water leak from her A/C vent that caused damage in her home. The leak started on the 2nd floor A/C Closet, then traveled to the hallway and bathroom closet. The water leak progressed to the 1st-floor bedroom and laundry room.

The customer contacted All Dry to stop the leak and dry out her affected areas. We were able to act quickly and stopped the leak from spreading. The affected areas were then dried out (as seen below).

Pujos Dry Out

The customer was elated and had this to say about her experience. "My contact person was Rob who was timely & professional. He explained the whole process from working insurance, work needed and mold inspection. The company was prompt - sent Maurice & Josh to start drying process, as to prevent further damage. Both Maurice & Josh were very polite and worked very quickly. Needless to say it felt very greatful to have run into a reliable company/hard workers =) "

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