Blog Posts in July, 2017

Tropical Storm Emily

The National Hurricane Center issued an advisory warning that Tropical Depression Six has been upgraded to Tropical Storm Emily. The tropical storm is set to make landfall about 45 miles southwest of ...
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How's Your A/C Running?

Does your ceiling have water stains and can't figure out why? The roof doesn't leak and it hasn't rained, what's the deal? Why do you still have a leak from your ceiling? An unnoticed ...
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Where There's Smoke, There May Be Fire

Why change your smoke alarm and/or battery? It could save your life. How often should they be replaced? If you don't know, you're not alone, most home owners don't know the answer. Smoke ...
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Flooded With Insurance Questions?

Water damage insurance claims are the most frequently reported kind of property claim. They cause the greatest financial expense to insurance companies and aggravation for property owners. As a ...
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